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Ça plane pour moi - over 40 years old and still kick-ass

OK, technically it was a song from the late seventies. But it was one of the songs I can remember from my 80's childhood, so pardon me if I consider it an 80s classic.

Many of you may know that it was a somekind of a hoax: Plastic Bertrand didn't actually sing it. It was his producer Lou Deprijck - aka Lou and The Hollywood Bananas - who did. As a lot of money was concerned they even went to court about it and in 2010 it was scientifically proven: it was Lou's voice on the record.

What you may not know is that even Metallica covered the song. Say what? Yep.

Not bad at all for a song with completely bullshit lyrics, written by some stoned guy, that starts of with a cat swallowing its own tongue after drinking whisky. She should have picked a good gin instead...

The song was also featured in a Kellogg's ad in 2020 that is still running. Alive and kicking after 40 years!



Gin (and hairspray):

life's basic needs

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