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The summer will be pink

We hooked up with Think Pink and let you turn our gin into a pink delight, for a good cause.

First of all, rest assured: we have not changed the composition nor taste of our gin, only how it might look in your glass.

This summer, we make it pretty in pink.

  • get the free botanical mix case, with hibiscus flowers

  • mix up your favorite G&T

  • discover “la vie en rose” and support a good cause

Why we do this

This is more than just about looks.

My dad recently died of cancer. So we personally experienced the importance of the framework and support when you’re fighting this disease, both for patients and their loved ones. I promised him we would do "something" to contribute to the fight against cancer.

Our customers and resellers really love our botanical mix cassette case. We kinda stumbled upon the cool color effect of the hibiscus flower and instantly loved the pink shade. "Wouldn’t that be a cool idea for a summer campaign!" So… hibiscus... PINK… Think Pink! How obvious… Think Pink is a Belgian non-profit organization that supports people with breast cancer in various ways and finances scientific research to fight it. We got in touch and they instantly appreciated our idea. So, enjoy our summer look and the botanical mix. Mix up a perfect serve, discover “la vie en rose” and help support people fighting cancer. For each bottle sold, we donate €2 to the organisation.

Cheers to you, dad!



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