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Purpose of the election


VOLUME 7 values authenticity. That’s why we avoid using stock photos on our site and other marketing supports as much as possible.

With the ongoing “The model of the bottle” election we try to expand our collection of pictures we could use. We call for real people to send in real and genuine pictures of themselves or typical contextual images, taken in the eighties. It’s OK if you feel a little embarrassed about how you looked back then, as that’s somewhat the idea :-)

The purpose of the pictures is never to ridicule individual people, only to refer to the eighties as a period in time that was somewhat over the top.


Celeste Harmer, our first Model of the Bottle

Brandi Corbin, the Model of the Bottle for our 2021 hangtags

volume 7 gin present
  • Prizes and rewards
    Hey, this election is all about fun. We are a young brand, so if your plan is to get rich by being elected, we will have to disappoint you. There is no financial reward for participants nor elected people. The reward is being proud to help establish a brand and, of course, eternal fame by doing so. Every winner will be sent an official “The model of the bottle” certificate. Put it in a fluorescent frame and feel free to use it for bragging about being elected among your friends. Or use it as a grocery list, fold a paper plane from it,… It’s yours, so you decide.
  • Who can participate?
    Anybody. Except for Russians supporting the war. Nor Donald Trump. We might have forgotten to mention some other assholes here, but hey, we’re the jury, so we’ll decide who gets kicked out.
  • Our promises and your privacy
    - For all participants: o If you send in a picture, you agree that it can be used in electronic communications by VOLUME 7 gin, such as our website, social media, online voting forms,… without your previous consent. You are aware that pictures displayed on these kinds of media can be downloaded, shared, indexed by search engines… o Before we use your picture, you will be asked if we can mention your name with it or if you prefer to stay anonymous to the public. If you don’t respond to our question, it will be used anonymously. o If we use public voting as an election tool and show your picture in a context of how it could be used when elected, we will ask your consent before we publish it. o Your picture may be altered before we use it. Alterations can be for example cropping, color changing,… o We do not sell your pictures to or share them with third parties. o You accept that we will communicate with you through electronic media, such as email, Messenger, Whatsapp,… - For the elected: o Elected pictures can be used in both electronic and printed communications by VOLUME 7 gin, such as hangtags, in-store promotional material and any other. o For any use of your picture in combination with text, your consent will be asked before we use it. We may have forgotten some stuff here, but we cherish our fans and customers, so we’ll do our utter best to keep everybody happy. Our privacy statement, as published on is applicable.
  • Judging
    Depending on the course of the election and the number of participants, the judging can be done: - by the members of the VOLUME 7 team and third parties we collaborate with (e.g. designers, copywriters, … - and/or by a public voting. The VOLUME 7 team members will take the final decision, which is automatically accepted by the participants. We are not obligated to motivate our decisions. As this is an ongoing election, winners can be elected at any time. There are no fixed election dates, unless otherwise communicated.
  • Any questions?
    Contact us and we'll get back as soon as possible.

You would look awesome here, wouldn't you?

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