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You may have noticed we allow a little fun(k) in our brand. Yet as far as the gin itself is concerned, there is no monkeying around whatsoever.


VOLUME 7 GIN is all about old-school craftsmanship.

Master distiller Patrick Van Schandevijl is our main man at De Moor Distillery in Aalst, Belgium. In this family-run distillery that has been producing the finest spirits since 1910, everything is made in-house and in small batches.

The 7 primary botanicals in VOL.7:

How VOLUME 7 is made

Some gin producers buy ethylalcohol to start with, made from 'agricultural products' of any kind. At De Moor Distillery, even the basic alcohol is distilled in-house using only barley grain. This already results in a richer and more delicate taste to build the gin upon.

This basic alcohol is then redistilled, adding a range of the finest botanicals, of which 7 are prominent in VOL.7: juniper berries, angelica root, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, Jamaica pepper and coriander seed. So no hocus-pocus with the weirdest ingredients. Just good old all time classics.


Try the Baracus. We love it when a drink comes together...

the botanicals in volume 7 gin
Copper stills at Demoor Distillery Aalst VOLUME 7 gin

The mighty stills @

De Moor Distillery

All of this is done in traditional Holstein copper stills, with loads of TLC and decades of experience. 

After this second distillation the gin is finetuned by adding in-house produced natural distillates, resulting in the well-balanced, slightly spicy yet smooth taste of our gin.

Bottling, labelling and sealing is done by hand and to wrap it up, the embossed logo is added to the label in our own workshop.

Et voilà : our craft gin is ready to be shipped to all you nostalgic sippers out there.

magic potions for VOLUME 7 gin

Looks like the stuff funky cold medina is made of...


Our story

The founder and Chief Nostalgic Officer of VOL.7, Kristof Malfait, launched his first gin in 2018: SOLD Gin, which is targeted at the real estate business gift market. The gin-itis kept itching and stumbling upon a box of old music cassettes in the attic, the seed was planted for a new project...

Kristof grew up in the 80s, the era now iconically symbolized by the audio cassette.

So what if we could make a top notch gin reflecting the spirit of that decade? When less choices had to be made and people still practiced the lost art of not over-complicating things...

And what if we could mix a considerable dash of nostalgia and maybe even some retro superpowers into it?


VOLUME 7 GIN is the result of that journey.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. 


Tasting notes

The barley base is noticeably present in the nose and well-balanced by the juniper tone. The primary botanicals result in a clean classic, delicately spicy note on the palate. In the preferred G&T serve, the orange zest adds a touch of freshness that brings it all together.
We beamed up a bottle to the U.S.S. Enterprise and got this message back from Mr Spock: "Well, it's gin, Jim, and exactly as we know it".

We take that as a compliment!

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