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Retro-way distilled craft gin

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Gin (and hairspray):

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Be brave and try our 80s inspired cocktails

VOLUME 7 GIN... a love letter to a glorious decade... 


Allow us to take you back in time. To a period in recent history in which gin was allowed to taste like… gin!  The eighties…

Back then, gin distillers didn’t use the strangest ingredients or craziest flavors to create their classics. Good old craftsmanship, old school distilling techniques and a well-balanced botanical palette were the formula.

That is what VOLUME 7 GIN is all about. Classic & elementary, distilled with only 7 botanicals taking centre stage, it honours the spirit of the times when far less choices had to be made. 


We're talking old-school small batch gin, based on 100% barley grain and crafted in traditional copper stills at a distillery run by a family that actually survived the eighties.


With each bottle filled and finished by hand, VOL.7 combines craftsmanship with a considerable pinch of nostalgia. 

So take a sip down memory lane and rediscover the original taste of gin.

And while we're at it, let's raise our glasses to an age when we shared our music through ghetto blasters and cassette tapes instead of streaming platforms.


Bring homage to television heroes who triumphed over evil using talking cars, magic powers and guns built out of garden tools... without ever killing anyone.


Propose a toast to all of those brave trendsetters, who combined leg warmers with giant shoulder pads and whose haircuts defied the very laws of gravity.


Are you the next Model of the Bottle?
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