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Allow us to suggest some serves.

We won't call them "perfect" as your taste buds may be different from ours.

All of the suggestions below may result in some serious 80s flashbacks, walking like an Egyptian and maybe even experiencing retro superpowers. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Whatever serve you pick: you'll enjoy it even more if you put up your favourite 80s songs. Feel free to check our playlist:


SIDE A : the classic serve

Enjoy VOLUME 7 in a straight-forward gin & tonic:


- 5 cl of VOL.7 GIN

- 15 cl of neutral tonic. Don't go for elderflower, ginger or other infused tonics. They would only hide the delicate spicy mix of our gin. 

- some dried juniper berries

- some Jamaica pepper (allspice) and coriander seeds if you would have those lying around

- a small zest of orange (now go easy on this, you just want to add a tiny bit of freshness)

- a lot of ice 

Sip & enjoy. And if you're feeling funky: dance around your living room as if nobody's watching...


SIDE B : for the brave nostalgics: signature serves

Feeling a little adventurous? We suggest you try these cocktails.

Like 'em? Post a picture on your socials and tag #VOLUME7GIN...


The cocktail that contains a subtle hint of cartoonish violence

- 4 cl of VOL.7 GIN

- 2 cl of Campari

- 3 cl of sweet red vermouth, you know, like Martini

- (blood)orange

- ice


Indeed, it's a variation on the classic Negroni, but with the bitterness toned down a little:

Cut a wedge of (blood)orange and crush it aggressively in the glass. 

Add the other ingredients and stir well.

Express yourself with this pinkish ray of light 

- 5 cl of VOL.7 GIN

- 2 cl of Aperol Spritz

- 2 drops of Angostura Bitters

- 15 cl of neutral tonic 

- the botanical mix with dried hibiscus flowers

- ice 

like a virgin cocktail

How to prepare it:

Cool your glass with
ice. Empty the glass.


Add all of the
ingredients in the
order as listed.


Let it sit for 2
minutes and give it a
little stir.

For an even pinkier result: soak the hibiscus flowers in the gin for half an hour before preparing the cocktail.

VOLUME 7 pink cocktail

(there's 1 more cocktail below this)

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A groovy kind of cocktail. 

Have a couple of these and then try to pronounce "Su-Su-Sudio" without lisping. Good luck...

- 5 cl of VOLUME 7 GIN

- 2 cl of limoncello

- 1 tablespoon of white sugar

- 15 cl of sparkling water or soda

- a zest of lime

- ice


A cover of the Tom Collins:

Pour the gin, the limoncello and the sugar into a glass. Stir well.

Add the sparkles, the lime and the ice. Stir again.

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