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FLASHBACKS : Join us for a sip down memory lane

VOLUME 7 is more than just a craft gin.

It's an invitation to (re)discover the glorious eighties.

When gravity-defying hairdos required so much hairspray, they were probably responsible for the hole in the ozone-layer.


Flash back to the over-the-top fashion era when men were allowed to wear leg warmers and when pastel tracksuits forced you to wear sunglasses to avoid going blind.

Salute the kick-ass music and pop decade that laid the foundations of the tracks we listen to today.

So pour yourself a drink and take a sip down memory lane.

artis historia: ipv google images


The Hulk - ogen

The girls' big hairdos required so much hairspray, they probably caused the hole in the ozone layer.

80's mullets - a VOL.7 gin throwback

The boys' mullets were eco-friendlier. But that's hardly an excuse...

vol.7 gin - winkler prins encyclopedia

At some point in time, Google fitted in 1 cupboard

Your TV in the early 80s: an antenna on the roof, no remote control and this after midnight...

And then these guys popped up and transformed the video-clip into an artform.

testbeeld VOL.7 gin
MTV logo
80-s big hair VOLUME 7 gin flashback
eighties big hair VOL.7 gin flashback
SONY walkman 80's - a VOLUME 7 throwback
brick phone motorola
vintage marbles - a VOL.7 flashback

Size DID matter...

Look! The MP3-player 1.0

Mobile phones weighed 1 kg and had a baffling 30 minutes talking time.

volume seven gin vintage KODAK film roll

In the 80s it would have been a lot harder to embarrass yourself by posting silly pics on social media. If they had existed in the first place...

raider vs twix candy bar

If you used to grab this ancestor of Twix for snacking, you're officially vintage.

 old video store volume 7 gin

Remember when you had to get out of the house to prepare an evening of binge-watching?

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scouts honor
jackson five magazine cover - volume 7 gin 80s flashback

Back then, Michael Jackson was actually... black!

Rubiks magic circles - volume 7 gin flashback eighties

The cube version is still hot. We never understood the circles anyway.

live aid philadelphia volume 7 gin flashback

Do they know it's Christmas time? Well, unfortunately they still don't.

vintage viewmaster volume seven gin

Was this your first 3D-experience?

donkey kong game - VOLUME 7 gin flashback

No words needed here...

marlboro man ad

When smoking turned you into a cowboy. By the way, Wayne Mc Laren, the most famous Marlboro Man, died of... lungcancer in 1992.

Quick drive-in Belgium - a VOL.7 gin flashback

In 1981 the drive-in concept was introduced in Belgium. What was your fav burger?



Our favourite 80s dog...

treets vs m&m's

M&M's 1.0

old coca cola can lid

Peel it off and shoot!

Remember when John McEnroe went crazy when the umpire called the ball out? THERE WAS CHALKDUST!

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