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We've found our new favourite mixer...

When we say "tonic", you probably say "Schweppes" or even more likely "Fever Tree".

Well, these are both top of mind brands, BUT...

  • Schweppes is an excellent tonic. Yet it's taste it too overwhelming to use it in a gin&tonic.

  • Fever Tree is milder and more fit as a mixer. That's why, up 'till now, we recommended in for our classic G&T serving.

Now, yesterday we were at a trade fair and in front of our booth were the FRANKLIN & SONS guys.

So we checked out their Indian tonic. Well, frankly (pun intended), it beats the well-known Fever Tree. It's taste is less sweet, due to the more natural sugars Franklin & Sons use. And it combines perfectly with the mildy spicy taste of our gin. We have found our new preferred mixer!

Moral of the story: you don't necessarily have to stick to what you know. Try, taste, dare and you might discover your new favourite taste. The same goes for gin...

(there is no commercial link between our brands, this is not a paid publicity, just an honest & personal appreciation and review)



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