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Gold medal for VOLUME 7 GIN

The 22nd edition of the Spirits Selection contest by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, took place from October 21 to 24 2021, in its hometown Brussels.

This contest is one of the biggest and most relevant in its kind and this year over 1800 spirits competed, coming from 47 countries, to be judged by 90 professionals from all over the world.

We are very proud to announce that VOLUME 7 GIN won a gold medal.

The contest is renowned for its rigourous blind tasting procedure. All tasting samples are prepared in a room that is separated from the jury-room. That way they cannot be influenced by any brand association, as the samples are all presented in anonymous tasting glasses. During the tasting session, they are not allowed to comment or even show facial expressions, also to avoid any influencing.

Only after they have noted and finalised their score individually, there is a discussion. If the average score exceeds 85,1/100, a silver medal is automatically awarded. A gold medal is awarded when the jury decides so unanimously. And we got one!

picture copyright: Spirits Selection

We’ll receive the panel's tasting notes in a few weeks, but we bet the jury has rewarded the clean & classic taste of our gin. As popularity of gin grew over the past years, distillers started creating very complex tastes as in a race to the add the most botanicals as possible, or added the strangest ingredients to their spirit. We respect that choice, but it’s not ours. We believe in classics and not overcomplicating things. We are very glad and proud to find out that this philosophy was confirmed in this contest.

Special thanks of course to the master distiller at De Moor Distillery, where VOL.7 is made. You rule, Patrick.



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