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Is this the ultimate 80s Christmas pic?

We've spent quite some time looking for the perfect picture to send you our Christmas wishes.

Well... for us, is it.

A First Lady, sitting cosily on a popular 80s TV-series character's lap, fighting drugs together in 1983. (We'd better already start looking for the X-mas 2022 pic, 'cuz this will be hard to beat)

They teamed up for Nancy Reagan's "Just say no" - campaign against drugs. Both of them were working on the same good cause and this ultimately was the result. Nowadays, you wouldn't believe it, right, with Photoshop and all? But this is REAL.

Trivia: Nancy died at age 93 in 2016. Mr T (Laurence Tureaud) must still be kicking vilains' asses somewhere...



Gin (and hairspray):

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